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At Fooda, we believe people should love and look forward to lunch every day. Our tightly knit Product, Data Science, and Engineering teams turn this belief into a reality by dreaming up and developing meaningful technology for lunch eaters and the local restaurants that serve them. Adjectives used to describe our team: friendly, intelligent, highly technical, and fun. Regardless of seniority, everyone takes personal ownership.

We're a proving ground for Chicago's future tech leaders. Our senior team members place heavy focus on mentorship and we all genuinely care about seeing each other succeed.

Sanjit, CTO at Fooda Sanjit, Chief Technology Officer at Fooda

Fooda Technology Platform

Dig deeper into our technology platform and our projects to see how we handle all the moving pieces that go into selling millions of meals across the country at a rate that has been growing exponentially since we started it all in 2011.

Fooda Point Of Sale

Fooda POS let's us capture key data related to our customers and events. It fuels the data science team's application of machine learning and allows us to make data driven decisions as a business. Without it, we'd be flying blind.


Every intelligently run business wants individual purchase data. But linking real world purchsaes to individuals is a considerable challenge that requires Fooda's own POS.

Overcoming the challenge of designing and rolling out a POS was top of mind. Building technology that can process more than a hundred million dollars per year requires world class reliability.

Last, but not least: most of Fooda's volume happens all at once. Turns out most office workers tend to buy lunch at the same time. Successfully handling peak demand requires thoughtful infrastructure and performance decisions.

The Solution

We developed or own internal, highly scalable enterprise grade POS system. Optimized for performance and availability, it's built on a distributed architecture and supports offline transactions. Because we don't believe a bad internet connection should stop customers from buying lunch.

The POS backend tracks every order, event log and user click in real time to provide the best possible user experience.

To keep the line moving, we have a strict requirement on the amount of time to process an order. We use a distributed infrastructure to maintain low latency and high availability. We are built on top of a messaging architecture that links various systems over RabbitMQ. Because you really don't want to hold people up when they're waiting for al pastor. Trust us. You don't.

Active Feature Development

Fooda for Restaurants Web App

Fooda and our restaurant partners share a lot of information (e.g. scheduling, event details, sales and payments data). This used to be mostly handled through email. To strengthen communication - and for the sake of everyone's sanity - we are building a self-service, mobile responsive web app that provides easy access for restaurants to view their information on any device.

Corporate Subsidy Program

As a perk, many companies want to pay for part of their employees' lunches at Fooda Popup. One challenge - tracking employee purchases if the Popup is in the lobby and accessible to all tenants in the building. The team is creating a first-of-its-kind solution: a web app where corporate clients can administer their subsidy programs, a feature in Fooda's consumer app where employees can redeem subsidies, and a feature in the restaurant POS for validating subsidies when they are presented at checkout.

Popups Around Me

We want to make it easy for users to find other Fooda Popups outside of their normal workplace location. During a hack week, the team built a "Popups Around Me" prototype, which impressed the rest of the company. The prototype has since been turned into a consumer app feature. Users can now see which Popup restaurants are nearby and what they are serving for lunch. To make them easy to find, walking directions and photos of the location are provided.

Fooda Meal Planner

Everyone hates it when a Popup restaurants sells out of a popular item during service. Restaurants feel the pain of a lost opportunity and it's a major let down to the customer. Fooda's Data Science and Analytics team built the Fooda Meal Planner, which guides restaurant partners on the ideal number of lunches they should prepare each day. The goal is for restaurants to sell their last remaining menu item at the very last minute of service. No more hanger.

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