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Our team's technology makes lunch possible

At Fooda, we believe people should love and look forward to lunch every day. Our tightly knit Product, Data Science, and Engineering teams turn this belief into a reality by dreaming up and developing meaningful technology for lunch eaters and the local restaurants that serve them. Adjectives used to describe our team: friendly, intelligent, highly technical, and fun. Regardless of seniority, everyone takes personal ownership.

At Fooda, we balance agility with maturity to deliver innovative solutions within our unique B2B2C business model. When it comes to helping each other succeed, the sky’s the limit. It’s always exciting to grow our team of passionate technologists. We are bringing cutting edge technology to the table while also nurturing each other through continuous learning, feedback, and mentoring.

Timcy Chacko, Vice President of Engineering at Fooda Timcy Chacko, Vice President of Engineering at Fooda